International Student Management Regulations


All international students must abide by Chinese laws and regulations of the University.


1.Standards for Daily Behavior of International Students

(一) 遵守中国法律、法规及各项治安管理规定,有违反中国法律法规者,交由公安机关依法处理。

(1) International students are required to abide by Chinese laws, regulations and various public security management regulations. Anyone who violates Chinese laws and regulations shall be handled by public security organs according to law.

(二) 同学之间相互尊重,团结友好;严禁做出妨害中国社会、有违社会公德学校管理秩序,有损留学生形象等不文明行为。

(2) Mutual respect, solidarity and friendship among classmates are required; it is strictly forbidden to conduct uncivilized behaviors that hinder Chinese society, violate public morals and school management order, and damage the image of international students.

(三) 尊重各国之间不同的文化习惯和风俗信仰,不做有损自己国格和人格的事;

(3)Respecting the different cultural, habits and customs of different countries, and refraining from doing things that are detrimental to their national character and personality.

(四) 严禁在校留学生打工及从事任何利益性的工作。有违反规定者,学校给予相应处罚

(4)It is strictly forbidden to work and engage in any profitable work for International students. Punishment would be given to violators according to the regulation.

(五) 严禁留学生赌博、滋扰、猥亵有以上行为者,视情节轻重,学校给予相应处罚

(5) International students are strictly prohibited from gambling,acts of nuisance and obscenity.Any violators will been given corresponding punishment according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

(六) 严禁无故旷课扰乱正常的教学秩序/课堂教学、考试等秩序教师及工作人员不尊重及其他违纪行为,视情节轻重,学校给予相应处罚

(6) It is strictly forbidden to absent from class with no reason and disrupt the normal teaching order / classroom teaching, examinations, etc. Anyone shows disrespect to teachers and staff and other disciplinary acts will receive punishment from the University according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

(七) 严禁扰乱教室/宿舍/图书馆/食堂等公共场所的秩序,影响他人正常工作学习或者休息

(7) It is strictly prohibited to disturb the order of public area such as classroom, dormitory, library and canteen resulting an affect on the normal work, studying or rest of others.

(八) 任何组织和个人不得在学校内及宿舍进行任何形式的宗教活动。

(8) No organization or individual are allowed to engage in religious activities in the University including the dormitory.


International students should abide by the above rules of conduct, and offenders will be given according punishment.


Regulations on the Management of International Student Dormitories


International student dormitory is an important place international students to study, to live and to rest. In order to create a good dormitory environment and maintain the order of student dormitory, the following dormitory management regulations are formulated:

(一) 遵守所有中国法律和学校规章制度。任何人不得在留学生宿舍内从事有违反中国政策和法律,破坏安定团结,危害学校工作、学习和生活秩序的有关活动

(1).Students must abide by the relative regulations of the University and the laws of Peoples Republic of China .Students are not allowed to listen to or watch programs which are against the laws and moral standards of the Peoples Republic of China.Students violating these laws will be prosecuted by Chinese government.

(二) 保持宿舍内外的安静与清洁。严禁在宿舍及其周围大声喧哗打闹、酗酒;任何形式的节日庆祝活动/聚会都不得在宿舍举行

(2)Keep quiet and clean inside and outside the dormitory.Students are not allowed to shout during studying and resting times.Any kind of festival, party or other celebratory activities are forbidden in the dormitory.

(三) 加强宿舍安全保卫意识,做好防火防盗工作。宿舍内禁止吸烟,随手关门关电,自觉维护所有公共财物,及个人财物的安全,自觉维护走廊、楼梯、厕所等所有公共区域的卫生。严禁向窗外倒水,丢杂物。室内垃圾应及时放置到楼栋外的垃圾箱,严禁在公共区域丢弃任何垃圾

(3)Strengthen the consciousness of dormitory safety and security, and do a good job of fire prevention and theft prevention. Smoking is not allowed in the dormitory, and the doors should be close and any electric appliances should be turned off after peoples leave. The safety of all public property and personal property is consciously maintained, as well as the hygiene of all public areas such as corridors, stairs, toilets, etc. It is strictly forbidden to pour water or throw rubbish from the windows. Rubbish should be littered into bins outside the dormitory in time, it is strictly forbidden to abandon rubbish in common areas.

(四) 严格服从学校的住宿安排。任何人不得擅自调换房号和占用学生宿舍、床位。不得私自搬动宿舍内家具,室内不能擅自增设私人设施;楼道内不准停放自行车及电动车等大件物品禁止私拉电线进行电瓶车充电。

(4)Students are required to obey dormitory arrangements by the University. Students are not permitted to alter the location of their assigned room without the permission of the University.All bulky items such as bicycles or e-bikes should be put and charged in the allotted place.

(五) 严禁携带易燃易爆物品或毒品入宿严禁在寝室私装灯头、插座,严禁使用违规电器(如电炉、电熨头、电炒锅等);严禁在宿舍内生火做饭(菜)及点火照明;严禁燃放烟花鞭炮

(5)It is forbidden to manipulate in anyway the electric wiring or install additional lights or electrical outlets inside the dormitory .Any use of unauthorized electric appliances (electric stove,iron,electric frying panetc)liable to cause fires are forbidden in the dormitory.Cooking and Detonation of fireworks in the dormitory is prohibited.

(六) 严禁外人未经登记入宿舍内,所有寝室不准留客住宿;一旦发现留宿外人,将取消宿舍住宿资格。

(6)This rule strictly prohibits anybody who do not live in the dormitory to enter the dormitory without permission or stay overnight in the dormitory.Violator will be canceled the qualification of living in the dormitory.

(七) 严格遵守学校作息制度。外出者必须在宿舍关门时间之前返校,超时返校者不得入内。3次晚归者,取消在校住宿资格;

(7)Students are required to abide by the rules for study and rest in the dormitory.Students are supposed to return to the dormitory before closing time every evening.Students who fail to be back by this time are not allowed to enter the dormitory. Being late for over 3 times, their qualification of living in the dormitory would be canceled.

(八) 服从各项管理规章制度主动地、积极地配合管理人员工作,不得顶撞辱骂管理人员下班时间需要求助管理人员的,应提前联系。

(8)Assistance and cooperation should be given to the dormitory staff when they are inspecting, providing maintenance or other necessary work in the students rooms. Any offending and maltreatment against the Dormitory Administrator is not allowed.

(九) 严格宿舍内务管理,禁止破坏和损毁宿舍内财物,并有责任和义务保护宿舍公用财产不受损失。如有损失,要追查责任,按章赔偿

(9)Students are responsible for maintaining all furniture and fixtures  undamaged.In the event of damage of any kind,students will pay compensation according to the degree of damage.

(十) 校园内所有区域和宿舍禁止举办任何形式的宗教活动或传教活动。

(10)Any form of religious or missionary activities prohibits are prohibited in the dormitory or other areas on campus.


All dormitories use the accumulative complaint system. Violations of school regulations by dormitories or individuals will be handled in accordance with regulations. Those who have received 3 complaints will be disqualified from dormitory accommodation.

Daily Schedule of dormitory


周一Monday               6.00am — 11.00pm

周二Tuesday               6.00am — 11.00pm

 周三Wednesday             6.00am — 11.00pm

周四Thursday              6.00am — 11.00pm

周五Friday                 6.00am — 11.30pm

 周六Saturday               6.00am — 11.30pm

周日Sunday                6.00am — 11.00pm