Enrollment and fees payment


1、 First year students must register at the appropriate time as stipulated in the admissions letter .Those who are unable to register during the aforementioned time are required to produce an explanation in advance,and are allowed an extension of no more than one month..Those who fail to give an adequate explanation or who fail to register within the given additional month are subject to a cancellation of admission.

第一条  新生须按《录取通知书》规定时间报到。不能按时报到者,应提前向学校说明原因,经批准后,可适当延长报到时间,一般不超过一个月。未经请假,逾期一个月不报到者,取消入学资格。

2、 First year students must submit the admission letter issued by Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute together with 6 recent sized passport photographs and pay all the fees in full according to the notice letter from international school when registering.

第二条  报名时,新生须持《录取通知书》在景德镇陶瓷大学国际学院报到办理注册手续,并提交6张护照标准的近期照片。报到时根据国际学院的通知信按时交纳学杂费。

3、 First year students are  required to have a health examination performed by the Nanchang Quarantine Department after their arrival at the university at their expense .Those students who do not meet the health standards are subject to a cancellation of their admission to the University.

第三条  新学到校后须到当地卫生检疫部门进行体检,费用自理,不符合健康标准者,取消其入学资格。

4、 Students must go through the registration procedures ,and pay all the fees within                                one month period that commences after the University begins every academic year .Those who are unable to register on time need to submit a written request for an extension.Those who are unable to pay the fees due to extenuating circumstances or have special reasons are required to subject an application in writing ,and may be allowed for a limited extension and still fail to pay the tuition or the accommodation fee within one month ,will be asked to withdraw .Those who fail to register on time without submitting a request for leave are deemed as a voluntary withdraw.

第四条  每学年开学,老生须在一个月内办理报到手续,并一次性交清住宿及学费,因故不能如期注册者,必须履行请假手续。因特殊情况不能按时交纳学费者,应提出书面申请,经批准后可以缓交,超过一个月未交学费和住宿费者,劝其退学,未经请假逾期不注册者,按自动退学处理。

5、 The University will not return tuition or any fees to students who are suspended ,withdrawal or are dismissed by the University due to disciplinary or personal reasons .

第五条  因学生本人原因中途休学、退学,或被学校开除学籍者均不退还学费和住宿费。

6、 If the desired major is offered by the University ,students who request a change in major during the school term must get approval from the university .

第六条  学生入学后,可以按学校的规定申请转专业。学生转专业由所在学校批准。


Examinations and Grades


1、 Students must attend all the examinations of the courses stipulated in the xurriculum. The grades obtained for the courses will be recorded in the studens’ permanent academic records.

第一条  学生必须参加教学计划规定的课程考核,考核成绩录入学生本人人学籍档案。

2、 Examination methods and passing limits are formulated according to the specific course and teaching plan,the specifics of this are outlined in Appendix A.

第二条  考核办法和及格分数线按照所执行的教学计划要求进行。(详见附件)


Suspension and Resumption of Studies


1、 Studens can be subject to suspension under any one the following situations:

第一条  学生有下列情况之一者,应予休学:

A. In the event that a student is diagnosed with an illness or inyury that is expected to cause their being unable to attend more than one third of the total credit hours for the semester (due to recovery ,treatment or therapy ),or in the event of certain diseases ,a student may suspend their studies at the University.


B. Students who have requested leave ,and the accumulative leave is over one third of the total credit hours of one semester as determined by attendance records ,may be subject to suspension.


C. Students may apply for suspension due to special circumstances by submitting an application or may receive suspension from the University if circumstances warrant such actions .


2、 Suspension is generally for a period of one year ; and the accumulative suspension time may not exceed two years.

第二条  学生休学一般以一年为一个周期,累计不能超过两年。

3、 The University will maintain ,for those who go through the necessary procedures , the student’s status as an undergraduate at the University.

第三条  休学学生须办理休学手续,学校予以保留学籍。

4、 When the suspension expires,students must retum to University within two weeks ,and go through relative procedures for readmission.Failure to follow this procedure may result in the right of academic resumption, and it will be reflected on the permanent record as a voluntary withdrawal.

第四条  休学期满后,应按时办理复学手续,逾期两周不办者,取消其复学资格,按自动退学处理。

5、 The University reserves the right to cancel the academic resumption qualifications of any student who demonstrates a violation of laws and regulations during the suspension period.

第五条  休学期间,如有严重违法乱纪行为者,学校有权取消其复学资格,并注销学籍。

6、 Academic resumption and readmission to the University is govemed by the following directives:

第六条  学生复学按下列规定办理:

A. Students who received a suspension because of a contagious disease must show a health certificate issued by the appropriate medical facilities, which permits them readmission to the University.


B. When the term of suspension expires at the end of a semester ,all suspended students must submit the academic resumption application, and complete all necessary procedures when registering for the following new semester .


7、 During suspension a student may not reside at the University ,or utilize any of the facilities .A suspended student will not be permitted students benefits until academic resumption and readmission.

第七条  学生休学期间,不享受任何学生待遇。

Section 4



1、Students are subject to withdrawal under one or more of the following situations:

第一条  学生有下列情况之一者,应予以退学:

A. According to a medical diagnosis ,students who are unable to continue their studies due to a mental disorder or other serious disease will be subject to withdrawal;


B. Students who apply for withdrawal;


C. Students who fail to register as required ;


D. Students who have an accumulative absenteeism of over one month .


2、tudents who are subject to withdrawal but refuse to carry out the necessary procedures will have their student status whit the University teminated.

第二条  应退学而拒不办理退学手续者取消其学籍。

3、 Relative procedures after withdrawal:

第三条  学生退学后的有关事项,按下列规定办理:

A.Students who have withdrawn from the University or have had their student status cancelled,must leave the University and return to their place of residence within the stipulated period .The college will inform appropriate government authorities to cancel the resident permitsof the withdrawn students .


B.The University will issue the relative withdrawal certificate according to the content and period of study, but students who withdrawal without following the necessary withdrawal procedures will not be granted any certificate.


Section 6

Graduation and Course Completion


1、The University will issue diplomas to students who have passed all the examinations as required,and who have a valid student status 。

第一条  具有我院学籍的学生完成教学计划规定的全部课程,考试及格者准予毕业,发给毕业证书。

2、To students who have taken all the courses as required but have failed some examinations the University will issue a tuanscript and a certificate of completion to those passes subjects.

第二条  毕业时修读了教学计划规定的内容,但有考试不合格者,按结业处理,发给结业证书。

Section 7



1、 Students who have passed all the examinations in Basic Medical Science and Clinical Science courses and who have successfully passed the Graduation Examination are granted permission to proceed with graduation .Degrees will be awarded to the students who meet the following requirements:

第一条  学生通过本专业规定的基础理论课程、专业课程的考试和考查,毕业考核成绩合格者准予毕业。符合下列要求者授予学士学位:

A. The students observed the Chinese laws and school regulations during their stay at the university;


B. The students have reached a proficiency in the Chinese language as required by the curriculum;


C. The students have a good command of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences ,and have demonstrated to their instructors an expertise and skill in clinical subjects ,which will allow the students to conduct scientific research or professional work..


Dormitory Rules and Regulations for Foreign Students and Students from Taiwan Hongkong and Maco attending Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute