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Zhang Jingjing, Dean of the International School of JCI Visited the Comorian Embassy in Beijing


On the afternoon of November 9, Zhang Jingjing, Dean of International School of JCI, visited the Comorian Embassy and met with Comorian Ambassador Muhanmed. Zhang Jingjing introduced the basic information of JCI and the International School, and made a presentation of the international students education and the international ceramic studio in detail. She said ceramics, as a cultural symbol of China, will hopefully be a cultural bridge between China and African countries in the future, and JCI is also very willing to cultivate talents in the ceramics industry for Comoros, serving for the development of the ceramic industry of Comoros and Africa. 

Ambassador Muhanmed said, JCI has outstanding characteristics and he hopes to return back to sign the cooperation agreement with JCI as soon as possible, conducting exchanges and cooperation from different aspects and sending foreign students to China.





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