News || 我院受邀参加云南临翔国际柴烧创作营活动

JCIIS was invited to participate in the Yunnan Linxiang International Wood-Fired Ceramic Camp


The International School of JCI was invited by the Linxiang District Government of Lincang City, Yunnan Province to organize a delegation of one faculty and four international students to participate in the International Wood-Fired Ceramic Camp from November 1st to 10th. The theme of this event is "Wood-fire inherits Linxiang culture, Wood-fire to light up rural revitalization".




The opening ceremony of the event



There are a number of schedules for the activities, visits of ancient kiln sites in Wanyao Village, creative workshops, seminars, kiln lighting ceremonies, kiln opening ceremonies and kiln products bazaar activities, etc. The content of the activity was rich; about 65 ceramic artists from home and abroad were invited to participate in the activity. The delegation from our university actively participated in the activity and successfully completed the program.




Group photo of the delegation at

the opening ceremony



In this event, two large-scale kiln firings were held. Each time, a grand a kiln ignition and opening ceremony were held. The local government attaches great importance to the inheritance of the century-old traditional customs of Wanyao village kilns, and the respected ceramic artists in the village. Before the kiln is ignited, the kiln and fire gods  and prayed to for successful firings. The men, women, and children in the village dressed in costumes, beating gongs and drums, singing and dancing, and sent blessings to each other, praying to ward off disasters and evil spirits, for good weather, safety of people and animals, abundant grains, and peace of the country.




Kiln ignition ceremony



The first kiln included mainly the raw materials brought by local potters and artists from other regions., and the second kiln was mainly the works created on-site by local potters and artists from other regions. During the event, more than 300 works were installed in the kiln, of which more than 200 were created by ceramic artists from other regions, and the remaining more than 100 were works by local potters.




International students participate in

the opening of the dragon Kiln



In addition to the kiln firing activities, the delegation also actively participated in a series of visits, seminars, and creative activities. The international students performed well during the event and took the initiative to participate in the various arrangements of the event, especially in the creative process. They each completed about ten works, which were well received by everyone. Participating in this event not only broadened their horizons, but also helped them to improve their artistic practice capabilities.




Local folk customs investigation activities




Associate Professor Zhao Xin, director of International Ceramic Art Studio of JCI, 

was invited to give a theme lecture




The creative workshop




Selected works of international students


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