News || 国际学院召开学期初留学生安全稳定工作会议

JCIIS Holds a Meeting on International Students' Safety and Stability at the Beginning of the Semester



On the afternoon of September 7, 2020, JCIIS held a meeting on the safety and stability of international students. Zhang Jingjing, Dean of the JCIIS, and teachers from the office of Students Affairs attended the meeting.



At the meeting, Zhang Jingjing communicated with international students on various matters that should be paid attention to when the new semester starts under the normalized management of the epidemic. To all international students on campus, she put forward the following requirements. First, all the students have to abide by the management regulations of the School, obey the normal management during the epidemic and cooperate with the University to do a healthy check everyday. The second is to improve safety awareness. She reminded international students to take personal protection and safety protection, be cautious about campus loans, network and telecommunication fraud, and do a good job in dormitory electricity safety to eliminate waste. The third is to build a good communication relationship with tutors, create a positive atmosphere of study, pay equal attention to language learning and major so as to finish the study smoothly.



In addition, Wang Huini, the teacher from the office of Students Affairs, asked for the information of the students’ living and learning situation and their religious beliefs, tried to solve their specific difficulties to help them have a better learning and living environment.


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