News || 一笔一画,描汉字之韵——国际学院线下书法课纪实



Stroke by strokedescribing the rhyme of Chinese characters

——The record of offline calligraphy course in International School of JCI



Chinese calligraphy is the carrier of Chinese culture not only occupies an important position in the art palace of the Chinese nation, but also is the world recognized treasure of human cultureJoin the calligraphy teaching in the course of international students of International School of JCI,  can make them better understand China through Chinese characters, and complementary to Chinese language learning; Practicing Chinese calligraphy on the basis of learning Chinese characters can help international students understand Chinese characters more intuitively, comprehensively and vividly, and feel the charm of Chinese culture.




Classroom demonstration


In the calligraphy class of international studentsMs. Hu has simply combed the evolution of Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy will be presented in the form of pictures from Oracle----JINWEN----Little seal script----Offical script----Wei tablet----Reguler scriptRunning scriptCursive script ,let students have a more intuitive understanding of the evolution of Chinese Calligraphy, and selected the Reguler script in Tang dynasty as a learning course. The Reguler script in Tang dynasty is the pinnacle of Reguler script because of the Rigorous structure and the Brushwork complete. On Calligraphy class, It's a kind of hand, brain and heart activity for Ms. Hu to guide students to practice the Chinese calligraphy . The pen is soft but the word is straight, Gently lift the pen, According to the requirements of " Want left first right, want right first left, want up first down, want down first up, horizontal painting vertical down, vertical painting horizontal down, there is always a way to go, no way to shrink." ,To make the strokes are exchanged on the paper, It brings a new writing experience to the International students.






Ms.Hu Prepared the course conclusion gifts for International students



Display of calligraphy works by International student MAJOLIE 



Group photo of course conclusion



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