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Students of JCIIS went for cultural investigation to Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province






Recently, the International School of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute organized international students to visit Fuzhou for cultural investigation. Nearly a hundred overseas students from more than 30 countries began a cultural journey and came to Fuzhou, the "hometown of gifted talents and the dream city of China", to experience the cultural imprint of Tang Xianzu, a master of Chinese drama.  





At the Fuzhou Museum and the Fuzhou Plan Exhibition Hall, international students learn about the "China Speed" of China's modernization process. In particular, based on the traditional display methods such as display boards and models, Fuzhou Plan Exhibition Hall has used a large number of high-tech methods to integrate into the display link, and comprehensively displays the past, present and future of Fuzhou. These advanced pavilion presentation technologies have impressed international students. Many foreign students also said, "We must learn Chinesewell and then learn advanced Chinese science and technology."






The foreign students also visited the Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall, which was built to commemorate the great dramatist and writer Tang Xianzu of the Ming Dynasty. With the guidance of tour guides, international students got to know the famous Chinese literary work "Peony Pavilion", and everyone was attracted by the charm of traditional Chinese drama. International students put on costumes to learn the basic dynamics and postures of theater performances. The vivid image display in the memorial attracted students to photos with their mobile phones and record wonderful moments.






After visiting the historical and cultural district of Wenchangli, everyone watched the intangible cultural heritage performance "Dreams of Peony Pavilion". This is Fuzhou's "Historical Archives" and "Old City Museum", which is currently the largest and most comprehensive historical and cultural district in Jiangxi. "Dreams of Peony Pavilion" uses innovative immersive and interactive performance scenes to reproduce the moving situation in Tang Xianzu's masterpiece "Peony Pavilion", and uses the same singing tune and different performance to interpret the love story of Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei's life and death. The aesthetic method of controlling complex and abstract freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting allows foreign students to obtain the most authentic, perfect and beautiful cultural experience.






In Jinxi County, which known for its talents and typography, we visited the first batch of characteristic towns in "Xiangu Town" in Jiangxi Province. The town is based on the theme of "fragrant industry, incense products, incense culture, incense ecology", and retains the original high-quality woods, tea gardens and waters, and is built on the beautiful ecological environment. International students experience handmade soap and other craft processes in the park .






In the famous historical and cultural village "Zhuqiao Ancient Village", we visited the ancient village with a single surname about 700 years ago. The village also preserves 109 ancient and Ming architecture such as 5 elegant ancestral halls, 4 gates, 3 ancient wells, 8 ponds, 2 ancient woodblock printing workshops, and study bureau houses. International students are attracted by the ancient villages, and they are enthusiastic about traditional Chinese culture, such as inscriptions and calligraphy.






International students have learned a lot in this trip. They had not only increased their knowledge, but also made a deep understanding of drama and architectural culture as well as  shortened the distance between students and teachers and allowed the international students to fully understand the profound traditional Chinese culture, laying a solid foundation for everyone to understand China and perceive China.


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