News || 校综治办领导一行来我院指导安全检查工作


JCI Security Office Came to Do the Safety Inspection


Dec. 28, together with JCI Security Office, JCIIS did the safety self-inspection to the overseas students dorms, International Ceramic Studio and ather safety conditions,


On the morning, the inspection group inspected the potential safety hazards of oversea students dorms, which was overall in good condition. Mr. Ye, the director of the Security Office put forward some improvement suggestions to the electricity utilization in dorms, such as heating equipments, patch board, etc. It was strongly recommended to cut off the power once the students leave the dorms.



On the afternoon, the inspection group did the inspection to the International Ceramic Studio. Some suggestions about the electric and gas kilns were raised to avoid the potential safety hazards, such as the kiln firing must be operated by specially-assigned person with qualification of firing, ventilation and circuital safety must be guaranteed, etc.





JCIIS will pay more attention to the safety work, better implementing the safety rules and regulations, actively doing more safety publicity and education to our oversea students.

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