News ||“陶瓷手工艺的可持续未来”协同设计工坊在我校举办

Value DirectionCo-designing a Sustainable Future for Ceramic Crafts

Co-design workshop was held in JCIIS



On Dec. 2nd, 2018, “Co-design Sustainable Future” for Ceramic crafts, a participatory workshop co-organized by British Council and the JCIIS was successfully initiated. This project is academically supported and guided by the Institution of Art Anthropology, Chinese National Academy of Arts and the Research Center of Design, Lancaster University of UK. Professor Zhang Jingjing, the vice dean of JCIIS participated in this project as one of the Chinese representatives. Jingdezhen local craftsmen, designers, artists, supporters and project partners, as well as teachers and postgraduate students from Donghua University, Jiangnan University, Fujian Normal University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economy, Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute took part in the workshop. As the keynote speaker, the project leader Dr. Zhan Xiaofang, discussed the contemporary value of ceramic crafts with participants and proposed the direction of design and supportive strategy altogether.


On the morning of Dec. 2nd, as the Chinese host, Zhang Jingjing gave a speech to the project opening and introduced the status quo and goals of internationalized development of JCIIS. As the British host, Dr. Zhan Xiaofang aroused reflection and discussion to all by elaborating a series of tasks of workshop.


Through the discussion, the unique local culture tradition and the spiritual value of self-actualization in the process of making are paid attention to, taking porcelain as an example. Overly emphasizing any singular value is not a real sustainability. Mutual cooperation among relevant persons of crafts can achieve the balance of value and make it sustainable.



After the discussion, Dr. Zhan Xiaofang would continually analyze the cultural promotion and the sustainable development to Jingdezhen local traditional crafts, and organize a one-week practice-based experimental project. This experimental project will better evaluate the proposals by workshop and reconstruct the value relation, so as to provide strategic support for sustainable future of ceramic crafts.



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