News || 英国陶瓷双年展创意制作人RhiannonEwing-James女士等一行来我校交流访问


Ms. RhiannonEwing-James, the Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial Visited JCI

 714日,英国陶瓷双年展创意制作人、英国斯塔福德郡大学艺术媒体与设计学院兼职教师RhiannonEwing-James女士以及波兰设计师、艺术家Maria JJ Juchnowska女士来我校交流访问。国际学院副院长张婧婧在国际陶艺工作室热情接待了来访客人。

 On July 14, 2018, Ms. RhiannonEwing-James, the Creative Producer of British Ceramics Biennial and faculty of Arts Media and Design of Staffordshire University of UK, Ms. Maria JJ Juchnowska, polish designer and artist visited JCI. Zhang Jingjing, the vice dean of International School gave them a warm reception.



 The visit of Ms. RhiannonEwing-James was to seek for JCI’s collaboration and participation in British Ceramics Biennial. Zhang Jingjing said, as the unique higher educational institution of China with “Ceramic” in its name, JCI was always looking for opportunities of cooperation with academic platforms of high level and having international influence worldwide to demonstrate Jingdezhen ceramic arts and culture. Meanwhile, both parties of collaboration can learn from each other and make mutual progresses. Zhang Jingjing also hoped that the intent of collaboration can be achieved as soon as possible and make the JCI participation in British Ceramics Biennial happens.

 Maria JJ Juchnowska女士对我校国际陶艺工作室的工作环境赞叹不已,希望能在不久的将来可以申请来我校进行工作室艺术研究驻场项目,并且她本人也非常乐意为我校2019年国际陶艺工作室艺术研究驻场项目进行宣传和推广。

 Ms. Maria JJ Juchnowska was amazed by JCI International Ceramic Studio and she hoped to apply for the research residency program in JCI in the near future. She also expressed the willingness of help with the 2019 propaganda and promotion of our studio.


 Afterward, Zhang Jingjing accompanied them to watch the exhibition hall of ceramic works created by foreign residency artists.


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