News || 韩国圆光大学校长等一行访问我校


Mr. Kim Do Jong, the President of Wonkwang University of Korea Visited JCI


 On July 13, 2018, professor Kim Do Jong, the president of Wonkwang University of Korea, professor Wu Chengxu from International Office of Wonkwang University visited JCI. Ning Gang, the president of JCI gave them a warm reception.


 Ning Gang had a face-to-face meeting with the guests from Wonkwang University of Korea. They both expressed that the cooperation and exchange between two universities had a long history, the exchange programs of teachers and students had conducted for many years, and a large batch of excellent students had been cultivated jointly. It is hoped that different kinds of exchange programs between universities can be further promoted, mutual understanding and trust be strengthened and solid foundation be made for further development of collaborative education and PhD program.


Zhang Jingjing, the vice dean of International School accompanied them to visit the International Ceramic Studio and watch the artistic works created by foreign residency artists.


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